1. Prior to use, the WarmMark Tag must be pre-conditioned for a minimum  of 30 minutes at least 5 deg.C below the response temperature noted  on the label of the Tag. The purpose of this pre-conditioning is to insure that the chemical inside the Tag is in a complete solid state  at the time the Activator Tab is pulled. If any of the chemical is   still in a liquid state when the Tab is pulled, the chemical will  start migrating down the track of the Tag and will not stop until  a complete solid state is reached.  

2. Apply the WarmMark Tag by peeling the release liner off the back and  adhering the pressure sensitive adhesive backing to a clean, dry  surface.

3. Fold the Activator Tab up and then pull the Tab out of the WarmMark Tag along with the attached strip of film. This will allow the pad saturated with chemical to come in direct contact with the blotter paper track running under each of the three windows of the Tag.  

4. Once the WarmMark Tag has been activated by pulling out the Tab, the Tag should be returned to a temperature below its response temperature as soon as practically possibly. This will insure that  the chemical inside the Tag remains in a solid state.